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    Default Mercury 2003 200 rebuild questions

    Hey, new to the forum and need a little advise. I am looking to purchase a boat with a "new" rebuilt power head. The boat is a 2003 ranger if that matters. The original powerhead blew because of 2 bad injectors. All injectors were sent off to be inspected and cleaned, 2 came back bad. The motor has 0 hours on the new head. What concerns would you have?

    I have one mechanic telling me he wouldn't touch a motor that has been blown up because you have old and new components and would worry about the seals being bad.

    I talked to another mechanic and he is saying that he would rather have a refurbished 2003 motor than one that has never been touched because something is bound to go wrong given its age.

    I would have a leak down test and compression test done before purchasing.

    I don't have a lot more information, but any guidance would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Mercury 2003 200 rebuild questions

    Who rebuilt the power head?
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    Default Re: Mercury 2003 200 rebuild questions

    A certified mechanic from a dealership.

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    Default Re: Mercury 2003 200 rebuild questions

    I'd lean towards THAT one.

    Mechanic number two has a brain.


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    Default Re: Mercury 2003 200 rebuild questions

    Both mechanics are good boat mechanics.

    The one one that would prefer the rebuilt motor said idle for the boat for 10 hours to break it in nice and slow

    other mechanic said break it in how you would drive it normal. But that is a different subject. I'll worry about that if I buy it.

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