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    Question 72c drive stuck, shifter wont budge. Pink oil

    Hi all - working on a 68 bertram with twin chryslers. The port motor trans wont budge. Currently its in neutral - the PO broke shift cable on fly bridge trying to shift probably..

    I will remove the cooler and pressure test it but im sure the cooler i shot which is why the fluid is pink.

    Anyway - drained it and refilled with atf mercon - still stuck. I removed cables and noticed the shift ball bearing is missing so will buy a 5/16 and spring and put that in.

    Could a ball bearing cause this? I cant get the arm to budge! Ill remove the snap ring and inspect the shift spool, it might be binding - hopefully getting that free might get it going again..

    Any other ideas? If the cooler is bad, can I bypass or install a air cooled one (like on a truck)?

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    Default Re: 72c drive stuck, shifter wont budge. Pink oil

    Pink? more white than red....I wouldn't waste the money with the old cooler - just replace it.

    I'd also encourage you to remove and overhaul the gear...no telling how much and how long the guts have seen water....and don't forget the other side.

    As far as the shift control goes, I've never seen a missing detent ball freeze things up - more likely on the inside....

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    Default Re: 72c drive stuck, shifter wont budge. Pink oil

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