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    Default 1994 50hp Johnson Rich/Lean adjustment screws on carbs?

    Are there rich/lean screws on my carbs. I think my outboard is running to rich, the reason I think that is I have fuel trail running down my mid section like it's coming out the case breather? And a fuel trail coming out of the prop where the exhaust comes out. I'm premixed 50 to 1. Seems like it's gets flooded on start up but runs fine when cruising around. Are there factory adjustments cause I can't find anything? Any help would be great.

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    Default Re: 1994 50hp Johnson Rich/Lean adjustment screws on carbs?

    Pushing the key too long at first start?

    If not that, it sounds like one of your carbs float is stuck open. Pull the air intake cover and look for a leaking carb. Fairly common problem. If that's the problem, pull the carb, pull the bowl and clean the carb thoroughly, making sure to pull the float needle and seat and clean inside and behind that seat.

    If a float isn't stuck, there are adjustment screws on the starboard side. Try turning them in 1/4 turn at a time and see if that helps.

    Does the boat reach full RPM's and top speed? If not, you might not be getting poor or no spark on one cylinder. That will cause unburned fuel to come out of the prop.

    Hope this helps.

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