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    I purchased two new MarinePower Vortex S5.7V in 1999. ( Boat Project subsequently died )
    The invoice description is: MarinePower S5.7 (CHEV) Engine Bobtail (withoutgear) set up for V-Drive, freshwater cooling, Drive plates, Edelbrock Carburetors. These Engines have been stored on the crates in my (sometimes heated) shop since 1999.
    I have no records that show they were ever fogged.

    What damage may have occurred in 18 years of storage?

    Humid Seattle
    Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Nothing, Put fuel to them top off the oil, hook up some water and fire them up.
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    I shore do like that answer, thanks Chris.

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    Before making a suggestion... is it fair to assume that:
    ...... neither engine had been run before?
    ...... spark plugs have been installed during this time?
    ...... plastic plugs are still in exhaust ports?

    If stored correctly, I would agree with Chris!

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