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    Default 318 Motor Info From Serial Number

    Hello All
    I am new to the site. Looks to be a great site; looking forward to the information I can obtain from it and hopefully help others.
    I have been a mechanic for over 40 years so I am not a newbie to things mechanical, Experience in fields of farm equipment, light and heavy trucks, military trucks, light aircraft, boats to some extent, construction equipment, and we have drag raced Mopars for years. Kind of told my age, huh?!
    I, being not familiar with the site yet, I cannot seem to find a listing of engine serial numbers and their related horsepower, etc. I must be missing it somewhere!
    I just bought a Ski Nautique 1969 Correct Craft. It has a 318 in it, serial number M318R26091125. Can anyone please tell me the horsepower and any other information from that number? It will be interesting if the hour meter is correct at 11 hours. Everything about it seems ro reflect that.
    The carb is a Carter F8 3980S four barrel.
    The bell housing tag says LM/318/BWR10/366.
    Transmission numbers are AS1-71C 1-1 SU272. I have a trans manual so I have information about those numbers.
    From my racing experience the air cleaner seems exceedingly restrictive. No way it can flow the air the 318 needs at WOT in my view. How about a larger non-restrictive air cleaner? I understand marine applications are fire hazard sensitive.
    Thanks! Martin

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    Default Re: 318 Motor Info From Serial Number

    A '67 manual download here may provide you some info.........

    Chrysler Marine Start Up Facts Manual Q81-770-1573 is out there but '70 is the oldest engine for specs I believe. Well worth the 25 bucks IMO.

    These folks are very knowledgeable with LAs...........

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