I am scratching my head over an issue that has just cropped on my 2013 DF20A. I have on a 14 ft tin boat that I use on the ocean in Mexico where I live. Two days ago when I launched, the first thing I noticed was that it did not idle down as low as it normally does. Probably between 1000 to 1100 rpm instead of the normal 850. After it warmed up, I got a flashing red light. One flash every 3 seconds but only in neutral. Not to be confused with the change oil warning which flashes every second in every gear until canceled. The engine ran fine most of the morning except for the idle down issue. Late in the morning it started to miss occasionally. It was a funny violent kind of a miss that shook the boat. The first few times it happened I was trolling among dolphin and I actually thought I had hit one of them with my prop. As the morning wore on the frequency of he misses increased until it was happening every second or so. I was even happening at idle in forward but in neutral it seemed to run very smoothly although still a bit higher than usual. I limped in and did some checking and cannot figure out what the problem is. Reseat a bunch of connectors, changed oil again, changed plugs, checked compression, checked the injectors, and some of the sensors and everything looks normal. Any ideas?