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    Stream fishing is what i am doing now.... Trout Season his here!!! Yeah buddy!!! There is no other way that is more exciting to stream fish, than to flyfish! Flyfishing is about the most versatile form of fishing on lakes and streams! I would recommend to you to purchase a publication like 'The Flyfisherman', 'American Angler', and if your into the art of flytying..... (The Fly Tyer). For learning find someone with experience, and visit your library or book store. Thats how i learned a good deal about entomology (insects). There is nothing more exciting than Tying your own fly, rigging your own flyrod, and casting your fly into the current... letting your fly drift, then all of a sudden!!!!! : Sploosh!!!! An explosion! fish in the air.... back into the water.... then the fight begins.....5 min's later you have just connected with a nice 3lb brownie!!!! Nothing else in fishing has matched it for me! PS: i forgot to add watch outdoor channel for fishing shows, that is about the best way to get the blood flowing! good luck, and good fishing!

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    You are so right, my father introduced me to trout and salmon fishing as a kid here in the UK. I never took a box of flies with me, just a fly tying kit and copy the flies that were on the water at that time, I was always guaranteed to catch fish.
    One time my dad put a chip (french fry) on his hook and landed a 40lb salmon, it took two hours to land it, he sold it to the hotel which nearly paid for our holiday.
    You carry on mate and tight lines..

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