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    Default Restoring Sea RAy 220 CC

    Currently restoring this for possable sale but it needed so re-engineering . Factory did some ridiculous things. They put the batteries on the port side thru a small opening
    And left only the trim pump in this cavity
    So considering the back panel was rotted and needed replacement a new panel was made closing off the cavity and mounting the trim pump there , with the hatch open you can still access the pump and res

    Now on to the new battery position. After glassing in some support material a new battery base was added and now you just slide the batteries in place, no lifting and lowering.

    Now the engine cover, another engineering disaster by the factory. Instead of using snaps they drill 4 holes thru the cover, then other owners added 6 more holes . This led to a lot of water dripping into the engine and rotting the timing chain cover.New timing chain, gears, and timing cover and pointer .After making a incision on the bottom all rotted material was removed and new plywood added and skin reglassed onto bottom
    Once the bottom was done, filled in the holes with resin, sanded flush and finished sanding with #600

    and got some White Exoxy appliance paint and proceded to apply 2 coats

    Now for the engine hatch hinges that were loose and also had some slight rot under the floor I came up with this solution.On this hull the way it was built I cut a access holes to get to the area under the screw holes , will have that pic tomorrow,sorry. I made up this with some glass cloth and epoxy.

    Measure for the depth to the screws ,held in place by the long wood , clear silicone and non corrosive 3 1/2 deck screws installed the hinge bases.
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    Default Re: Restoring Sea RAy 220 CC

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