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    Default 2014 Crusader Captain Choice 350 MEFI

    I re-powered with two of the above engines. I use the boat primarily for trolling. Can I lower the engine idle rpm with the Diacom software package? Can a dealer do it? I'd like to go down to 550 rpm. They currently idle at 600 and 625. Second question is there a digital speed control package I can install to better control my trolling speed only. Speed is key to trolling success!

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    Default Re: 2014 Crusader Captain Choice 350 MEFI

    The idle speed is controlled by the ecm - in your case I believe its the ECM-08 CANBus version.

    The dealer could do it but likely won't as the factory doesn't want that type of change made...you can ask and see what they are willing to do.

    The diacom software package has the ability to reflash the ECM but their literature isn't clear if there's anything 'extra' required to enable it....suggest contacting Rinda directly as 'ask before you buy'. Worst case, there are many aftermarket 'reflshing shops' that could satisfy your need.

    The factory offers a digital sync package but, as far as I know, it will only keep both engines at the same RPM - using only the master throttle. Won't help for keeping a constant speed over the ground without operator intervention when the environment changes...

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    Default Re: 2014 Crusader Captain Choice 350 MEFI

    If you are trying to troll at a lower speed you may have to drag a drift sock or a couple of 5 gallon pails to slow you down.

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    Default Re: 2014 Crusader Captain Choice 350 MEFI

    Thanks Guys! I thought maybe I could get in touch with someone familiar with the software and reflashing. We already drag two 26” bags and it’s a pain and sometimes not enough. Trying to figure out options to make it easier
    Since the throttles are only hooked to a position sensor, I’m thinking there must be a way to electronically input that to control the motors

    i will keep looking. I probably will contact Rinda
    Appreciate the input!

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    Default Re: 2014 Crusader Captain Choice 350 MEFI

    Reflashing the software is an option, although exactly what idle rpm do you want and will that be correct under all conditions?

    I presume your engine has an IAC valve which is (I believe) a stepper motor controlled valve that adjusts air flow to the motor to control the idle speed. Rather than try and mess with your software, you could install some switches and wiring so that you turn off control of the valves by the engine computer and switch them to a couple of the many available stepper motor controls sold to hobbyists over the internet. With this your could dial down the rpm's to whatever level was best at the time and still have the ability to switch back to the computer for normal operation.

    You will need to identify the type of stepper motor in order to get the correct controller but the hobbyist/robotics community should have many that could help with that task.

    Not sure if this is the best answer, but is another approach you could consider. (If it works well you could sell schematics and parts lists to the many others that have this issue with MPI Crusaders).

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    Default Re: 2014 Crusader Captain Choice 350 MEFI

    taking a couple inches out of the pitch of the props will help slow it down....

    With the ETC, yes, the throttle plate is moved electronically, but the 'master' of how low is still the ECU.....is the ETC would drive the rpm to 400, the ECU will override it....and it the delta is too high, on go the CEL....

    this may help too: https://www.obd2allinone.com/mefituning.asp

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