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    Default 92 Bayliner 3.0 help

    Hi guys I have a Bayliner with a mercruiser 3.0 eng it's been sitting for some time it's very hard to started . This is what I did to get it to start pull the plugs checked the compression all 4cyl 125 lb and up . The last cyl was blowing out fuel from the spark plug hole ok I put 3 spark plugs back in all but the #1 plug left that one out it started so I put in plug #1 wont start I did this a few times it started I even tried ether. I drained the water out it's getting cold at night I drained the manifold a some fuel come out with the water need help any ideas
    Thank You

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    Default Re: 92 Bayliner 3.0 help

    Ayuh,.... Sounds like a severe carb problem,....

    btw,... this oughta be posted in the Mercruiser forum,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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