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    Default 1979 6hp evenrude pulls hard to the right

    Its new to me. I had an older one it ran true. This one pulls hard to the right? Any ideas

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    Default Re: 1979 6hp evenrude pulls hard to the right

    The pulling is natural due to engine torque.

    Look directly under the front portion of the engine tilt mounting, the center portion that would be sitting right on top of the transom. See that regular slotted screw there?

    That screw is the tension adjustment of the steering swivel bracket brake. Screw it in to tighten the amount of pressure it takes you to turn the engine... loosen it if too tight.

    NOTE: With no intentions of insulting your intelligence... Left/Right really has no meaning via a boat/engine as that depends on where you're sitting. Standing in back of the engine, facing the spark plugs, Left is "Port"... Right is "Starboard".... eliminates confusion.
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