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    Default 20hp very hard start

    HI, something wrong starting my 20hp honda only 1 year old. the only way she will start right up is when i tilt it up all the way out of the water....not good but i slowly trim down into water. could it be the fuel pump?

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    Default Re: 20hp very hard start

    Are you following the starting procedure in your manual??-----Or take it to the dealer ( warranty ? ) and have them instruct you on how to start the motor !

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    Default Re: 20hp very hard start

    Follow the fuel line FROM the fuel pump. You will then see it goes to a black, rubber cylindrical device mounted on the engine oil dipstick tube. From that device, called a "fuel reservoir", the fuel line continues on to the carburetor.

    The fuel reservoir acts as a water trap. Try CAREFULLY removing it and shaking all the liquid out of it. This requires that you disconnect the fuel lines from it. Then remove the engine oil dipstick. Lube the dipstick tube with WD 40 so that the mount strap can more easily slide up and off the tube. Be VERY CAREFUL not to flex or bend the tube while sliding it off or back on.
    If you accidentally snap that tube off in the block, you will NOT be happy.

    Once you've dried out the reservoir, completely drain your carburetor bowl with the drain screw provided.

    Replace the reservoir and dipstick, reconnect the fuel lines and then....

    CHECK THE FUEL IN YOUR TANK FOR WATER. Take a pint or more sample of the fuel making sure it comes from the bottom of the tank. Put the sample in a clear container and let sit for at least 10 minutes. You will see the water separate and settle on the bottom if there is any present.

    Once you are positive you have clean, fresh fuel, prime the system and start her up. Hopefully that takes care of your problem. If it doesn't, then you will need a complete carb tear down and cleaning. But try this first because it works about 75% of the time.

    Good luck

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