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    Default 2003 Johnson 50 HP 4 Stroke issues

    Recently had fuel pump replaced by mechanic which seemed to have desired effect of correcting engine running at idle and losing pressure at full speed. But, now we are experiencing a couple of other problems. Our mechanic is an independent and we called, but he has not/will not return our call.
    Problem 1. When entering a zone at idle where you need to tilt up some due to hazards etc. the engine alarm sounds and check engine light comes on. We receive no codes. Return to deeper water, tilt back down, turn engine off, restart, engine light off. Engine never seems to miss a beat. ?????
    Problem 2. Returning to dock, idling through no wake zone to dock, engine alarm sounds, idles rough, then shuts down. Again no code. Get started again, limp it to trailer, trailer it. While engine still in water attempt restart, clicks right in, idles smooth, no alarm, engine light off. Idled on trailer for about 5 minutes with no issue, no alarm, no code.

    Any ideas? We are at a loss especially since our mechanic doesn't seem to want to work on our engine any more. Don't understand why, no issues with the repair or cost, although it took 2 weeks longer than expected to get work done. We were just happy to get our boat "fixed".

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    Default Re: 2003 Johnson 50 HP 4 Stroke issues

    Find a different mechanic !!

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