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    2004 350 Mag

    There's been a lot of discussion in the past year about the anti-siphon valves. So I figured I'd try to find it and take a picture. Below is my what I believe is my Anti-Siphon Valve. Not sure how to remove it other then unscrew it from the tank, if it wants to be unscrewed. I may have to modify a open-end wrench to fit in the space (Knuckles). Not sure of a P/N - it looks 3/8". Boat is on trailer for winter. Installation needs some some brush-on gas thread sealant. Thanks
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    picture should be rotated 90 degrees clockwise

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    they are usually the very first fitting at the gas tank , they come in aluminum or brass and unscrew from the tank fitting.

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    It will be a antisyphon valve ONLY if there is a sping loaded ball (check valve)
    Inside that fitting.
    If no ball and spring it is not a anti-syphone valve.
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    While your at it pull the dip tube and check/clean the strainer at the same time?
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    It's a FW boat so things may turn, if it was SW.... Concerned about overhead clearance. I only know tank dip tubes and sending units from the 60 -70's - enormous things.

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    If you have one, its the brass fitting.....you only need it IF you fuel line run dips below the top of the tank....and most boats have them.

    The dip tube is also called the pickup tube - that connected to the aluminum fitting threaded into the tank bung in your picture - pull the anti-syphon valve and then unthread the tube's fitting - it should lift straight out...

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