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    Default 8.0 KW Westerbeke Fuel pump wont activate

    I have a 8.0 KW Westerbeke gen that the fuel pump will not activate and prime accordingly therefore causing the engine not to start. I have replaced both relays and the Start Stop switch but niether has helped. The reading is less than 1 volt at the pump however, I am able to jump power to the pump and it work.
    Any ideas on what is causing the low to no volts at the fuel pump?

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    Default Re: 8.0 KW Westerbeke Fuel pump wont activate

    Failed to mention this gas not diesel.

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    Default Re: 8.0 KW Westerbeke Fuel pump wont activate

    Tried the over riding the Over speed switch and that didn't help either.. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Default Re: 8.0 KW Westerbeke Fuel pump wont activate

    You need to check every connection between the fuel pump and the battery including grounds. Problem is probably corrosion in a connector, fuse holder, etc. Make sure you get 12 volts to the relays and switch. Follow the wire where you're getting 1 volt back to it's connection and read there. If you read 12 volts at the other end then either you have a bad wire or a bad ground. And so on...

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    Default Re: 8.0 KW Westerbeke Fuel pump wont activate

    Had to call a professional.. turns out there is a bad diode on the overspeed sensor board that needs be replaced as well as an issue between the remote start panel and the generator.. still to be found.

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