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    i go out on my searay 215 a lot and recently it has been coughing and spluttering. However, this only happens when i use it for about 45 mins. and up until that point she runs like a dream! could something be expanding or overheating perhaps? I have checked all the filters and found nothing. any ideas? its a 5.0 mercruiser v8 carb

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    Clogged fuel tank vent run it with gas cap off or when it acts up open the gas cap see if there is a vacuum on the gas tank. Not sure what year but als could be ignition components getting warm like coil, but I'd check fuel tank vent first

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    +1 on the ignition coil sounds like it is heating up. Try putting a ballast resistor to coil positive if it is getting hot to the touch. If it is a points ignition replace the points and condenser at the same time.
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