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    Default Rev limiter or power pack

    I have a 2002 50 hp 2 stroke with no spark. I have eliminated the kill circuit. I have replaced the rectifier, it had melted wires. I replaced the trigger, bad ohms readings., I replaced the stator, I had a new one and I had the flywheel off, however, the only things I did not replace is the rev limiter or any coils. my question is the rev limiter doubling as the power pack/ cdm? Really stuck on this one.


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    Default Re: Rev limiter or power pack

    Nope......is stator correct one? Disconnect limiter as could be driving stator to ground.
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    Default Re: Rev limiter or power pack

    Yea take the rev limiter out of the loop. That is the three cylinder correct? It has three CDMs basically the coils are the power packs. If you get spark by disconnecting the rev limiter. I could be a faulty coil go to boat info library and find your motor it will tell you how to diagnose ignition issues. One bad coil can keep the others from firing you may need a special harness to isolate the faulty coil.
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