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    Default 1959 Mark 6A impeller housing

    After getting the motor running I found that there was no cooling occurring. Being an old motor I took apart the lower housing and wanted to replace the impeller. In the process of disassembly I beat up the impeller housing. I want to replace it but it appears to be stuck. My service manual offers no help. Is there tool to remove it or a trick to getting it out.

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    Default Re: 1959 Mark 6A impeller housing

    Patience and chemicals I use power steering fluid as a liquid wrench.
    It takes a nickle to go first class!
    If it aint broke dont fix it!!

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    Default Re: 1959 Mark 6A impeller housing

    IF you can find another cover, drill that one to pieces (carefully) and remove the remains with a chisel.

    I know: drastic. That's what I have to do now and then to get old ones apart. If that sucker doesn't want to unscrew, you can wreck the threads trying, and then you're screwed


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