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    Default 88 mercury 35 HP

    This was an oil injected motor that has been turned into a premix. The oil pump and lines are now gone. Premix required.
    I bought this about a 2 months ago, when I first put it on my boat the motor would start as soon as you turned the key and ran like a champ. Only thing I could feel a slight miss every now and then when accelerating. Just a little miss. After several months the motor still starts great idles great but this past weekend the slight miss seems to be getting worse the "sputtering" last close to 10 seconds when hitting the throttle wide open and trying to get up on plane. Seems once it clears out it may hit once in a while going down the lake.

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    Default Re: 88 mercury 35 HP

    Bad plug, coil breaking down, possibly a carb issue. You'll have to nail it down better to fix it.

    I suggest you install Autolite 303 plugs (that you can read) and see if one of them is running darker.


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