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    Default Need Help 99 merc 200hp EFI trouble getting on plane

    Eng]ne is a 99 Mercury 200hp EFI. Long story short I was having issues getting on plane. Ideled fine, and once on plane runs how it should, just took very long to get on plane. Put in new plugs to be safe. Thought it was fuel related, so check my high pressure fuel pump which is at 35psi. So I ruled that out. Drained vst and was good clean fuel. Ruled out bad gas or bad lines which they shouldn't be because they were replaced alittle over a year ago. I thought maybe injectors but it ran to good once on plane so I didnt think that's it. Well I did a compression test and come to find out my #2 cylinder only has 90psi. Took off head's to see what's going on and what I find is in the picture. A Grove in the cylinder wall. It looks like a ring came loose and the piston ate it. I'm guessing this is the reason for my power loss but not positive if this little Grove will have that big of an impact. If so what are my options since I don't have $6500 laying around for a marina to rebuild my engine. What options do I have to get this running the way it should? Will this Grove cause that big of a power loss or do you guys still think I have an injecter issue also? Thanks in advanceClick image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Need Help 99 merc 200hp EFI trouble getting on plane

    It's lost a locating pin and ring broke......tear down time.
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