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    1988 Regal Sebring 4.3 Alpha One, gen 1. - I installed a new set of trim limit & sender by Kemimoto. The gimble houseing bellows and hose are all in and buttoned up. When it came time to adjust the limit, no problem. Before attaching the sender I wanted to check the dash dial so I turned the hinge pin gear slowly to see if the dial responded. It did. When I fastened the sender to the lower unit and tested the dial again. The dial showed correct movement the first time or two, but then the dial would not move from full down. I took the unit apart and found one of the contacts to be bent. I carefully put it back in place but seemed like it might break. I then took the boat for a test drive. The dial read correctly for a trim up and down a couple times but then the gage dial went to full up (in the red). Apparently the contact did fail. I am not planning to replace the sender unit as it requires disassembling the entire gimble housing. I think that some kind of repair could be implemented without removing the wire. If I got another sender puck, could I remove the wire connect inside the puck and connect a new one. What about splicing the wires?

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    You can change the sender with out taking the drive off. You need a 11mm or 7/16m 1/4" drive swivel socket and a long extension. and some patience.

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