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    Default 1996, 115 water flow

    Rebuilt water pump, upon reinstalling gear box to motor, should there be a seal between water tube and water pump? I can't find any old parts that would indicate a seal. The reason I ask is upon testing via water hose, water is coming out from port/opening where shift rod goes up through housing. while running there was water pressure of 6-/+psi at idle where the never shown any pressure since buying boat 6 yrs ago. I don' have a psi tester. I don't know if this is a problem or not... Any one ??

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    Default Re: 1996, 115 water flow

    Some pump kits have a grommet where the pump housing meets the water tube and others don't. It's all dependent on your specific model. There are a lot of different places water comes out so i'm not sure the location you mention is right or if it means there a problem.

    6PSI at idle is fine. No PSI at idle (previously) means that your pump was probably not moving enough water and that replacing the pump was a very good thing.

    Running an engine on hose muffs tells you very little about how well the cooling system is working. You really need to either run the engine in a barrel of water or on the lake. This forces the water pump to do all the work and will give you an accurate picture of the cooling system.


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    Thanks KJ I'm thinking its ok, just trying to be sure. Don't need water in the gear case.

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    I put the boat in the river, a lot of water pressure. All seams well.

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