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    Default 80s classic 50 45hp issues

    Okay so I'm new here on the form and I'm at a loss .I am an automotive mechanic so I am mechanically inclined I am trying to figure out the issue with my boat, it's a 14 foot Boston Whaler and has a 80s Mercury 50 classic 45 horsepower on it .The problem I'm having is if I let it warm up and try to take off Full Throttle it will bog down and have full power bog down have full power the same when it's warm if I'm at Full Throttle it will lose power and then have full power lose power and have full power and less I am at 3/4 throttle, now things I have checked I have a new gas tank, new gas lines, clean the carbs, check the timing ,checked the trigger with the timing light put new plugs in it ,check compression ,I checked the fuel pump it looks to be in okay shape but I ordered a new rebuild kit and have not installed yet the CDI was replaced 2016 now one thing I have noticed was with the engine running it gets 12.2 volts I disconnect the battery in the engine only charges 2.5 volts I don't know if this is normal on a marine outboard or not.

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    Default Re: 80s classic 50 45hp issues

    I would guess you have a problem with the high speed side of your stator. The only way to know for sure is the test the output voltage to your CDI. This will require a DVA for your multi-meter. Last time I saw a thread about ignitions the DVA adapter from Amazon was about $40. The fact that your charge voltage is only 2.5 Volt would indicate that you hav e other stator problems.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: 80s classic 50 45hp issues

    Just to reinforce Fishin Life's opinion, my 50 Merc was doing the same intermittent dance and I replaced the stator and it would then run out well. I bought a CDI stator for a replacement.

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    Default Re: 80s classic 50 45hp issues

    ok cool i have a dva cornwell meter i can test the stator with, i will do that tonight. I figured it was a stator problem when i saw it wasnt really producing voltage i was surprised the cdi would idle the motor when i unhooked battery on 2.5 volts

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    Default Re: 80s classic 50 45hp issues

    Unhooking the battery with the motor running is a no-no! It fries the rectifier.

    The alternator should make at least 13 volts DC at high idle. The stator leads to the switch box (IF you DON'T have a distributor) should be 200 plus volts at cranking (blue wires).


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