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    Default Foot switch issue

    I have a Minn Kota 599M. Yes, its o.l.d. I know but it worked great until yesterday. When I step on the button nothing happens. It works fine on constant and if I reach in and manually depress the plunger on the switch.
    The foot button seems to just be 'flat' and does not make contact with the plunger on the switch to depress it. There is a small flange or flat piece that sits on the plunger but the button does not touch it either. It seems to me that there should be a spring between the plunger and the foot button OR there is something on the button that is broken itself.

    A dude at Minn Kota was VERY helpful last year and sent me a partial manual and parts guide. The good folks there today, weren't as helpful. I told them more about their motor than they knew. (Doubt I'll get a check either)

    Anyway, the schematic I do have seems to show there is a push button (PN: 223-3700) and a push button pin (PN: 223-0570) but no hint of a spring and there is no pic of the underside of the push button. I attached the manual so someone can look at it, if that might help. Also feel free to use it for your antiques too...ugh...

    After a cursing(sic) search I could not locate either part. Any ideas on how this button works, why it's not working and what I might be able to do about it would be really appreciated!
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