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    While gently accelerating my 94 Crownline 266 LTD (7.4 Mercruiser with Bravo 1 sterndrive), a noticeable zing sound occurred and I lost forward and reverse! No grinding, crunching or generally scary sounds occurred. Has anyone had a similar experience? Please help with any advise.

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    First thing to do is pull prop, there should be the gear oil drain screw now accessable. Remove screw and see what the gear lube looks like.
    If it has grey matter then you have a drive issue.

    Second, if no grey matter in gear lube attach muffs (water) to water pick up and start engine. Look at back of engine between transom and bell housing of engine. In the very center you will see a ~ 1" diameter shaft from transom area to engine. With engine running the shaft should be spinning. If it is not then your coupler has stripped out/failed.
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    Thank you so much! I'll get busy

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