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    Default 2003 bf 225 seal problem

    The seal, part # 63718-zy3-000 seal A, between the lower engine covers (lower cowls) and the top of the mid shaft housing has pulled out of place and broke. Does the mid section housing have to be removed to replace this seal? Thought I might be able to replace the seal by just removing the lower cowling but looking at a picture of the seal, it looks like a large "O" ring type of one continuous loop. I was hoping it was have a split in the loop where I could just insert into a grove by wrapping it around. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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    Default Re: 2003 bf 225 seal problem

    I'm pretty sure that it's a single piece seal and the upper cowling must be removed (or at least loosened up all the way around) to replace it, although I've never had to do that myself. The upper cowling is not difficult to remove/loosen - just a lot of 10 mm bolts. Most of them are the same size EXCEPT those around the housing for the cables and fuel line. Just mark those where they came from.

    Then take the gasket and work it around the lower leg and work it up over the mid shaft housing until you can get it in place. Make sure that the grove it sits in is very clean.
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    Default Re: 2003 bf 225 seal problem

    Chawk, If you mean working the seal around the prop and up the mid shaft, i don't think I can work the seal up around the lower leg, the shaft the outboard swivels on will stop me from coming up and the motor, of course, will stop me from coming down.

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