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    Cool Lose spark around 3500rpm

    I have been having trouble all summer getting my 88Cris Craft 4.3L omc to run over 3500 rpms. I changed to electronic ignition,new plugs, wires, cap rotor, feul lines, feul filters ,set timing, cleaned and adjust carb, pretty much everything! It turns out that I started with a bad condenser and ended up having a faulty rotor. Just goes to show just because it's NEW don't mean it's good ! I spotted a tiny crack in the rotor swapped it out with a spare and the problem went away completely. Purrs like a kitten now. Remember TEST, TEST, TEST & ALWAYS INSPECT NEW PARTS. BTW great forum so many good people trying to help, thank you all.

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    Goes to show you, "It's always the Little Things that get you ". Been there !!

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