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    Default Volvo Penta KAD44P-A - will she still get up and go with a bad Kompressor?

    Hi all,

    My query is referring to the Volvo Penta KAD44P-A.

    Does anyone know if this engine actually needs the boost generated by its Kompressor (supercharger) to help spool the turbo as the revs increase?

    Basically I'm trying to figure out if I had a bad Kompressor or the Kompressor belt failed etc would this engines turbo spool and boost to the max revs (3700 - 3900) or does it need assistance from the Kompressor in order to start the spooling process?

    I would imagine the turbo would still spool and boost without the pressure created by the Kompressor even though it may take longer to do so.

    Could someone who knows mind clarifying this for me? Ps I'm asking because the engine won't rev past approx 1500 rpm (tacho isn't working).

    Many thanks,
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    Default Re: Volvo Penta KAD44P-A - will she still get up and go with a bad Kompressor?

    Engine symptoms
    I’m having problems with a KAD44 P-A. I bought the boat as anon runner as she took a lot of sea spray on board as it flew over the breakwaterin a bad storm.
    Starts fine, into gear full throttle down and she wont revabove circa 1500 rpm (tacho doesn’t work).
    With throttle fully down a slight hesitation can be heard as if she wantsto go.
    Whilst this is occurring she expels messy semi burnt dieselout the exhaust.
    There are no faults present.

    Here’s what general service work has been done to the enginewhen I purchased it.

    • New batteries
    • New belts
    • Starter motor overhauled
    • Alternator replaced
    • Oil & filter changed
    • Coolant changed
    • New fuel filters
    • Diesel bug treatment
    • Fuel tank and lines checked
    • Sea water pump overhauled
    • Coolant water pump overhauled
    • Heat exchanger & after cooler stripped andcleaned
    • Electronic gear shifter replaced
    • Gear shift cable replaced
    • Bellows replaced
    • Gear oil replaced
    • Sump sanded back and painted with metal paint

      Here’s what additional work has been done to the enginein relation to the problem I’m having.

    • Engine loom connections checked
    • All electrical terminals cleaned
    • Potentiometer in throttle replaced
    • Control recalibrated
    • Turbo overhauled
    • Kompressor overhauled – bearings, clutch &oil (reported that the teflon coating is coming off the rotors)
    • Injectors tested – no issues
    • After cooler stripped and cleaned
    • Boost sensor replaced
    • Engine removed & stripped completely, cylinderhead tested & internals checked – perfect

      The engine sump, block & head have been assembled withnew gaskets and the engine has been cleaned , primed and painted. She issitting indoors ready for the ancillaries to be fitted and it’s back to thedrawing board!

      I also purchased a good used KAD300 ECU in case mine isfaulty. I was told by a Volvo Penta spe******t that the KAD44 and KAD300 ECU’sare interchangeable and it will boost her to up to KAD300 power if I ever gether going!

      Injection pump will need tested. Other than that and thenew ECU I think I’ve ran out of ideas.

      Any advice would be very much appreciated! Any VolvoPenta veterans out there J

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    Default Re: Volvo Penta KAD44P-A - will she still get up and go with a bad Kompressor?

    Are you sure that the Kompressor clutch is engaging? Hard to imagine that you are only making 1500rpm with everything you have serviced if the Kompressor is making any boost at all. Put a boost gauge on the inlet manifold and see how much boost you are actually getting. Best guess would be no boost. If it is black smoking (unburnt diesel etc) at 1500rpm then you are either not getting enough air (low boost etc) or you have an incredibly fouled prop/hull etc. Could your exhaust system be blocked anywhere?
    I know on the KAD32's that we had (Kompressor/turbo also) that you could run them right up with the kompressor turned off. Other thought is that I seem to remember some sort of 'flapper valve' system in the inlet between the kompressor feed and the turbo feed. That was on the KAD32 and I can't remember the details but is the inlet side plumbed correctly?

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