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    I have a 1993 175 that i have rebuilt carbs, replaced fuel lines and new plugs. Checked spark from coils to plugs at idle, but when i rev it it up spark is intermiitent on all plug wires, any help would be appreciated

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    Whats engine model number? Spark at the plug electrode is supposed to ne intermittent. Each plug fires at a specific time. What issue are you having with your engine?

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    will check engine # spark drops out at 2500 rpm thinking coil pulser, checked coils with tester all lose good spark at higher rpms

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    Here is the link to a pdf of your engines service manual, if you don't have one. The electronic section will have details on how to test all of the electrical components associated with spark. Including the cdi, which is where the problem might be. You'll need a multimeter.


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    Your CDI unit might be stuck in over rev mode. Go to the CDI and you wil see a grey wire that loops back into the CDI. This is your rev limiter wire. Cut this wire and try again. You can always join the ends again if that was not the problem , but I'm sure this will cure your problem.

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