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    Default No power to ignition or acc switches. Power to trim up/down

    This will be my first post. I was out on the lake today and my motor ran fine. Stopped to take the kids swimming and shut the boat off. I went to start it back up and nothing happened. No gauges, blower, radio, or horn. But my trim up and down worked. So I knew I had good batteries. Checked all the fuses under the dash. I am curious if it is in my throttle/ shifter. I have two yellow and blackish/brownish wires hanging out by the kill switch but I don't know where they go. I pulled the kill switch out and it had two wires already going into it. I did try and push the throttle down further and I was thinking I pulled those wires out. Is there somewhere on the forward/reverse selector that these would go into? And if those weren't plugged in could it be causing my issues that I am experiencing? That's really the only thing I can think of that is different. I am going to follow the electrical wiring tomorrow, but if this is something I should look at please let me know. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

    My boat is a 1995 four winns with an OMC 5.0 cobra

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    Default Re: No power to ignition or acc switches. Power to trim up/down

    Check the fuse for the ignition circuit; it can look good but the contacts in the fuse box could be oxidized and current will not pass. I had this same issue a few years back on my '88 Four Winns. Replaced all the fuses ckeaned contacts and back in business....

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    Default Re: No power to ignition or acc switches. Power to trim up/down

    the throttle/shift lever lockout wont have anything to do with the total power loss, but will only lock out the engine crank/start...

    there may be a bigger fuse in the engine bay, in the wire that goes to the dash. look for an 8-10gauge red wire, then search it for a fuse.

    the trim tilt harness carries its own power, so that is why it works when nothing else does..

    but when looking for a faulty fuse, DONT overlook a bad wire connection.... and it doesnt have to be a bad connection on the HOT wire, as a bad ground connection is usually the culprit when electrical gremlins start showing up..

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