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    Default Reeds replacement

    I'm being told my engine won't idle because the reeds won't feed cylinders 2 and3...it starts with some throttle but won't idle in neutral.i believe the diagnosis but am appalled at the estimate.over $550....it's a 1993 force 70 horse outboard motor.is this a big job and demand a lot of hours labor?please advise

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    Default Re: Reeds replacement

    "the reeds won't feed the cylinders" ?????????

    First time for that one.

    Did they say why they won't work?
    Are they broken?

    What other things is it doing?
    Fuel spitting back out the front of the carb?

    You have a compression tester?

    The $500, the reed blocks are 85$ each X3 plus gaskets.
    Shop labor $100 hr.

    So if they really are bad?? 4-500 is about right for a reputable shop.

    The job isn't that hard to do. IF?? that's really what's wrong???

    Do a compression and spark test.

    Fill out the signature, make sure you put in a location.
    You might be close to someone who can help?

    Give more info on what it's doing??
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