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    Exclamation AQ125A won't stay idling

    I've got an 84 bayliner Capri with the 4 cylinder AQ125A engine and a solex 44PAI downdraft carb, I have replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, cleaned distributor cap and points and regapped the points to 20,000 not sure if that is the correct amount or not? Also I have rebuilt the carburetor but I cannot seem to keep it idling in neutral, it will idle at roughly between 1000-800 rpm momunterally and then slowly looses power and stalls out on me, I have tried adjusting the idle and mixture screws the best I can but does not seem to be helping..... any suggestions?

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    I fought this type of issue with my 92 230B and a solex. The solution, which would have saved me a ton of headache if I knew it sooner, was to spend the $100 on a pertronix ignition module. It replaces the points. And that is ultimately where my issue was (after weeks of troubleshooting spark strength). If you haven't done a pertronix, I highly recommend it.

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    Get a cheap dwell/tach and set the points at 62 degrees dwell mine is just above .016". After you get the dwell at 62 degrees then set the base timing at 6 degrees BTDC. There are two types of the 44PAI if the idle air needle has the wide head for larger screwdriver preset at 2 turns out from lightly seated if it has the small head pointed straight at the head turn it out 9 1/2 turns from lightly seated. Every time you adjust point gap you must adjust the base timing.
    I had performance issues with the pertronix ignition and went back to the points when I found the coil was getting hot. I put a ballast resistor to coil pos and she purrs like a kitten.. Put your hand on the coil after running for a bit if it gets hot to the touch just put a ballst on it it should help alot and keep from cooking the points.
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