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    Default Hi all im trying to find out the year model of my 85hp mariner motor

    Hey there i have a 85hp mariner motor & im trying to find out the year model can anyone help me 😊
    The serial number is 4842983
    Thats the only sort of numbers i can see

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    Default Re: Hi all im trying to find out the year model of my 85hp mariner motor

    The serial puts it as a 1977 model "probably".

    What I mean is, 1977 was the last year of that production run for the 85 horse however the year started with serial 4590512 and 484.... is a long way from that. Your serial looks more in line with a 1978 80 horse.

    Is there any chance the hood was swapped at some point due to damage etc?

    If not then it can't be "any newer" than 1977 when they scrapped that particular model.

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