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    Default Chrysler Sea King 15hp

    Yes I have a Chrysler Sea King 15hp and having problems dialing in the carb. I put it in the drum and I get it to idle and run great. Put it in gear and prop turns and it idles great without cutting off. Get to lake and it will not go full speed with WOT. Any answers as to what's going on?
    Also this is my model number and stuff.
    VWB 52119E Serial# 48X 30664

    Where do these new serial numbers come from and how can I find out which one was assigned to my serial number ? makes it hard to find parts when everyone wants a serial number and I can't give it to them.


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    Default Re: Chrysler Sea King 15hp

    Look under 1984 chrysler 15hp here you should be able to get the part numbers.
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    Default Re: Chrysler Sea King 15hp

    The #s you gave VWB etc. is for Sea King.
    Even though Chrysler made it, it's still a Sea King.
    FranzMarine or Mastertechmarine can get the parts for those #s

    kimcrwbr1 gave you something you can use.
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