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    I have a BF9.9 electric start long shaft model and would like to convert to short shaft. i'me having trouble here in the UK finding info on what makes the engine a long shaft, apart from the obvious.
    I have been told by some people it is the mid section casting and others say the gearbox casting makes it a long shaft, can anyone out there help.
    The engine No./serial No. is BF9.9A BABL1100995
    Kind Regards

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    I have done this on a smaller honda, it was the mid section and the drive shaft itself. Do you know the year of the motor?

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    Thanks eneusiis
    I believe the year is 1989
    Also i will need to change drive shaft water pipe and gear change rod.


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    It looks like you will also need a different midsection. See part 2. Part 3 does not apply. Why it is shown...I do not know.

    Long Shaft http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Ho...ASE/parts.html

    Short Shaft http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Ho...ASE/parts.html

    It may be cheaper just to build up your transom or mount it on a bracket to raise it up. Something like this.

    http://thmarine.com/mini-jacker It is around $100.

    Some of the Honda parts are not available anymore and the cost for new parts would be well over $600.

    I know what I would do.


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    Many Thanks hondadude, looks like its back to the drawing board.

    Not sure what to do !


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