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    Default Can I make my own throttle control w/ a potentiometer

    Can I make my own throttle control w/ a potentiometer

    Iím in the process of adding my new 2016 Honda 9.9HP kicker engine to my homemade dive platform (still under design and construction).

    I want to electricalley control the throttle from inside pilot house.

    Can I obtain the servo http://www.iboats.com/TrollMaster-Servo-Kit-TrollMaster/dm/view_id.887115?cm_mmc={cmids}

    Example I wonít spend a dime at this iboat site.

    Then use a potentiometer to control it like are the controllers work off resistanse correct?

    Anyone here own a https://www.amazon.com/CONTROLLKING-...ct_top?ie=UTF8
    That can mearsure the resistance values at closed throttle then at WOT.

    Thanks TB

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    Default Re: Can I make my own throttle control w/ a potentiometer

    While the product in the link shows a potentiometer there is waaaay more to the system. What is not shown is the electrical actuator/motor and control electronics that attaches to the tiller for which this box is the control head. The price shown is not for a "potentiometer in a box". I have a degree in electrical engineering and would not attempt to build this myself for a one off....unless I had nothing else to do for a couple of weeks.... and was bored.
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