Hi All,

new to post here so please be gentle!

I have a 1996 Yam 50 with 350hrs on it which has developed a strange fault, just as a background has been faultless all season, carbs cleaned, new plugs, fuel pump checked and not leaking and good compression across all three cylinders.

The last 3 trips out its started perfectly from cold and on the run out to my favourite spot, then at the end of the day it starts fine (fuel bulb primed) but after running for 20-30 seconds cuts out as if starved of fuel (sputters for about 3 seconds before cutting out) and then wont start/starts sputters like its running on 1 cylinder and dies. If I leave for a minute and try again it starts fine as if nothings happened and then runs fine all the way home!

Any ideas? I thought it maybe something to do with the primestart but I would have expected that to be an issue from cold?