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    Default Do these timing values seem correct(force 40, 92-94)

    So the project and learning experience is A 1992-1994 Force 40 2stroke single carb and Its for a home built boat project and I got the engine free off of craigslist. WIN, I think. lol. So before I go digging into her the first thing I did was check the timing under these conditions: engine on land in a trash can, filled with water, prop is on, using the starting motor to crank the engine over, full battery, I also have 2 other batteries that I swapped around for the test. . . (so full battery was guaranteed), Plugs removed, and plug wires grounded out. The Timing light is set on 0. My timing reads 0 in neutral with the carb Closed and 28 at WOT on the left hand side of the 0 TDC marking on the fly wheel (still not in gear). Those readings are at the Zero line on the timing sticker.

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    Default Re: Do these timing values seem correct(force 40, 92-94)

    The 28 is probably right.
    Over on iboats Force forum are some specs.
    The first 3 posts are the repair and maint. of Force motors.
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