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    HI! Our family is looking for a boat to serve the needs of tubing, skiing and fishing on mid-size Wisconsin lakes. We have been offered a 1983 Galaxy OMC Sterndrive boat. Knowing NOTHING about boats, we are delving into research and found your forum. Would this boat be a good boat for us? The price offered is $500 (which we realize is not much but we truly dont know a lot about boats so repairing it ourselves will not be too successful). The boat has not been in the water for 5 years, due to the owners family growing up and not needing it. The interior is newly re-upholstered (Still in the boxes) and he has winterized it, etc. every year. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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    OMC eventually failed and went into Chapter 11. By 1994, the company had been purchased by Volvo Penta, at which time V/P completely changed the design from Dog Clutch engagement to Cone Clutch engagement.
    However, you can still find OMC parts and repair people today.

    A 1983 OMC stern drive would be a "Stringer" drive.
    A 1987 would be an OMC "Cobra" drive.

    With either OMC, you will be asking for more trouble than what the cost savings could possibly offer you.

    I would spend a bit more and get away from anything OMC!

    All Volvo Penta drives are Cone Clutch.... and always have been.
    Mercruiser A drive is Dog Clutch.
    Mercruiser B drive is Cone Clutch.

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    Ayuh,.... Welcome Aboard,..... That's an obsolete driveline from a long bankrupt company,....

    Parts, 'n knowledge is fadin' fast, 'n gettin' hard to come by,...

    Even at that price, probably not worth the heartaches, 'n expenses later,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Find a boat with an outboard on it and stay away from the stern drives !!! There's plenty of the outboards in WI. I should know, I'm from there.
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