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    Default Broken Volvo Transom on Houseboat

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on my broken boat. We are first time boat owners and are not sure who to turn to... We need a new transom shield. The one we have is a Volvo Penta (PN: 867800-8445 / Serial: 306124). We were told by the marina that it would be about $10k to fix the boat which seems crazy to me since we paid less than that for the boat a couple of months ago before it was broken. We aren't sure what to do next. I'm open and grateful to any advice I can get. The image is the part number for the inside of the transom under the power steering. It's for a Gibson Houseboat. Volvo350 engine outdrive is a volvo 290 i believe. The outdrive is hanging off the back by the shift cable and the bellow exhaust tube.
    the image uploader wasn't working so I had to add the other two images to my Google drive:

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    Default Re: Broken Volvo Transom on Houseboat

    Ayuh,.... Yer pictures suck, can't see a thing,....

    I doubt a Volvo 290 will set ya back $10,000, but the labor will push it that high,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: Broken Volvo Transom on Houseboat

    The picture does not give me enough info. If you will take more pictures and post them, I would be better able to help you.

    Many alleged V/P mechanics do not know the difference between a 290, an SP or the C series drives.

    The 290 style uses the small suspension fork hinge pins, still incorporates the Latch Unit, and the cylinders attach to an Anchorage Bracket of which swings from the suspension fork.
    Any AQ series drive after the 290 style will use the larger hinge pins (hollow), NO Latch Unit, and the cylinders attach directly to the suspension fork.

    It will be very important that you purchase the correct transom shield.

    Here is a C or later transom shield. Caution.... seller has errors in ad.

    Same seller listing the C style suspension fork.

    Same seller listing a small pin 290 style transom shield........., BUT he's calling it an SP / DP !!!!!!

    As for the $10K...... that does appear to be excessive.
    Have they given you a cost break-down...... and if so, is it in the form of an "estimate" or a "quote"? (steer clear of estimates if you can)

    What is their cost to:
    put the hull on the hard
    R&R engine
    purchase good used transom shield (new will be around $3K)
    R&R PDS bearings..... a MUST! (should not exceed $130)
    R&R transom shield
    re-install the drive

    You have an AQ series stern drive, of which is "main suspension fork/pivot tube geometry"....... and will NOT be a Gimbal Suspension system.
    If this shop mentions replacing a Gimbal Bearing, or mentions a Gimgal Ring........... find another shop!

    Rick ... aka Ricardo..... AQ series Volvo Penta repair
    Portland, Oregon
    28' SDN F/B w/ twin Volvo Penta 5.7L DP's

    Please... no PMs! Post your questions on the forum.

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