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    Default Fuel Filter suggestions for 30hp M30A3

    I was cleaning out the thimble sized fuel bowl next to the carb which someone had
    forgotten to put a filter in and didnt even realize it was supposed to have a filter till
    I saw it in the service manual. In any case I was planning on putting a good low
    restriction and fine micron that is transparent inline with the fuel line right at the
    end of the fuel line where it connects to the engine with the connector.
    I believe the fuel hose at that point is 3/8 inch ID and I looked at a bunch of auto
    filters at the auto parts store but did not find a transparent one .... Where
    is a good source of transparent filters for boating and maybe even suggest a model
    # if you know of one? I considered putting the filter inside the outboard motor
    cover but it is too tight of a space. Even though my motor has a carburetor if I
    were to use a filter from a fuel injected engine with the much more demanding
    smaller micron size requirement .... maybe my motor will last 50 or 60 more years.
    Scott In Atlanta, GA

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    Default Re: Fuel Filter suggestions for 30hp M30A3

    We use water-separating filters. Tohatsu sells 2 versions, one uses a metal cartridge like an oil filter, and the other Unikas unit has a clear bowl and drain. They are both 10 micron filters.
    Buffalo NY USA

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