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    Default Chrysler 360 won't go over 3000 rpm

    While trying to solve my rpm issue I was looking at replacing the ecm, Since the engine is a 79 with 2000 hrs. I came across a part number #3874020. The description mentioned "rev limiter". Anybody heard of this and could the ecm have somehow reset 3000 rpm. Engine runs perfect but will not go over 3000. Used to go 4000.

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    Default Re: Chrysler 360 won't go over 3000 rpm

    FWIW, #3874020 is a part number that was used on Chrysler autos as standard equipment from '76 through '79. These should be reliable up to 6000 rpm. I don't know of it having an internal "rev limiter" although one can be installed between the ECU and distributor.
    These units need to have the best possible grounding and should be kept away from excessive heat sources.

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