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    Default 1st boat in 63 years powered by 30hp M30A3 probably made in 1991

    I didnt know enough to ask how old the motor was but the boat and motor cranked immediately
    and ran perfectly and was in outstanding condition so I probably paid too much. I am now learning
    that the age of a motor makes a difference and there may be some vital parts to keep it running
    that are now no longer available. I guess I need to identify the list of parts I might need in the next
    thousand hours of running and begin to stockpile them or if they are no longer available and
    essentially renders my motor value at zero..... I may need to sell my boat while it is still
    running real good to some soul like myself who will pay good money for a boat that looks
    and runs great.
    So please help me with the suggestions of what parts I need to be planning to acquire
    and go ahead and do so early instead of waiting a few years and finding out they are
    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated to a first time boat owner. I am a highly
    experienced mechanic with lots of tools ..... I just never worked on marine engines before
    and have very limited experience with 2 stroke motors.

    I am compiling a list of dealers and will be trying to determine which of them are
    highly experienced with veteran employees and good stock of inventory etc.
    which is all I can think of for now. I do have a manual that came with the boat and
    it does not describe my motor exactly but I believe it is pretty close and the manual
    is dated 1988. It is called Tohatsu M25C2/M30A3 Service Manual and has 68 pages.

    I notice there is a manual by SELOC company for Tohatsu Outboard motors and
    I dont know it it would be any more helpful or not than what I already have.
    Can anyone speak to this issue ?

    Thanks in advance for what should be lots of help.
    Scott in Atlanta, GA

    PS. anyone that owns a M30A3 please contact me so we can compare notes going

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    Default Re: 1st boat in 63 years powered by 30hp M30A3 probably made in 1991

    Forget the aftermarket manuals.
    Buffalo NY USA

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    Default Re: 1st boat in 63 years powered by 30hp M30A3 probably made in 1991

    I too have recently purchased an old Tohatsu. It is a 1993 9.9B2 and have been refurbishing it. There is not a lot of information regarding these old engines but I have had some luck.

    There is a manual for your engine at "https://onlineoutboards.com/owners_manual" it is dated 2007 but it is for a much older engine. I think that your engine like mine is identical to the Nissan engine of the same vintage.

    Tohatsu also made engines for Mariner, Mercury and Yamaha, and some of those mfrs have parts that still work with the Tohatsu's. My carburetor is obsolete however I found new parts for a 1993 Mariner that fit exactly (float, gaskets, etc). At "Boats.net" I found diagrams for fuel pumps for a 1993 Mariner 9.9hp and many of the internal parts are identical to mine and can still be purchased. East Marine also had a water pump refurbish kit for my engine.

    Good luck,


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