We have a Suzuki DF2.5. Bought brand new and has less than 20 hours. The exhaust valve bent after around 8 hours for some reason and was repaired under warranty. Now we probably have another 8 hours on it and it just happened again. Both times the motor was running when we docked the boat. We then were gone for about a month and when I came back to start the motor their was no compression. What defect in the motor could cause this to happen? The motor is stored on a dinghy next to our boat in a tilted up position.

The first time we took the motor in the repair shop claimed we had dropped it in water - which we had not (not sure if it is possible that trying to start it for such a long period of time could have allowed water into the exhaust?) Anyway they finally agreed to repair it under warranty but said it shouldn't have been. Just returned home yesterday and went to start the motor and again zero compression. Both times before we let the boat sit the motor did seem to be running a bit rougher than previously.