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    Default Oldsmobile 455 Berekeley jetdrive

    hi guys
    I bought a 1979 Glastron cv21 that was sitting for a couple of years after having been used in salt water. Several clues of poor maintenance. Check oil level (full) and start it out of water cooling by fresh water and ran fine, temp 140/160, oil press 30/40, ten minutes for a couple of times.
    Then I put into the water (river) for a test run, everything ok except for temp that rise to 200 at idle after having run from 3000 to 4000 rpm for 5 minutes, with some steam from exhaust, but decrease to 160/180 when back at 3500: oil press always between 30 and 40. Then I lifted the boat to yard, and after a couple of days the bildge was full of black oil, and no oil level in the engine. Maybe a crack in the pan, widened by the heating?
    I am to pull the engine and see.

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    Default Re: Oldsmobile 455 Berekeley jetdrive

    Ayuh,.... Those motors get their water from the jet-pump,....

    Many times there's a valve to lessen the pressure at speeds, which causes overheatin' at idle, because of low water flow,....
    The pressure needs to be lowered at higher speeds, as the excessive pressure blows out the gaskets,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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