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    I have 2002 8.1 Crusaders. I was talking with someone over the weekend that has Merc 8.1's and he was told to go WOT for a short stretch every time he goes out. I did that with my 2 stroke outboards but those are a different animal. I cruise at 3100 RPM's with these Crusader 8.1's, how often it at all should they be pegged?

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    OK...... an OEM specified WOT RPM is a test RPM ONLY, and is NOT to be sustained for any long period of time.

    Engine must be in full tune and must be healthy.
    Hull must be clean and free of marine growth that would cause resistance.
    Propeller must be in excellent condition.
    Final drive reduction must be correct for engine/hull combination.
    Boat must be loaded as intended for average usage.

    If the engine will make OEM spec'd WOT RPM, things are generally ok.
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