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    Default Teleflex Controls won' return to neutral. 86 OMC Cobra

    Controls recently started to have difficulty getting back to neutral from either forward or reverse.
    At first I thought the interrupter was not working and the gears were not letting go.
    Then I disconnected cable at engine and it was still difficult.
    Cable moves freely, its the handle that is sticking.
    I removed the shifter "box" took it apart cleaned every thing, figured out where it all went back,
    Cylinders, Balls, etc.
    t worked fine in the garage. seemed to have a little resistance when transitioning from in gear to neutral, but not much.

    Put it on boat, worked about 20 time no resistance going into gear. some coming out.
    It got worse and now won't come out at all. Stuck in forward. (Cable still unhooked)

    I had taken it apart about 10 years ago and cleaned etc. and it had ben fine until recently.

    Nothing looked terribly worn inside, but grease was grey.

    I do not know if I missed something, or tolerances have increased to the point its shot.

    Any Ideas before I drop $300 o a new control?
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