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    Post Need help diag/repair OMC 4.3L leaking tons of water into bilge

    1986 Invader with 4.3L OMC
    Hasn't been in the water for a little over a year, ran fine last time she was in the lake.

    Now water is pumping into the bilge really fast while the engine is running (with muffs) and stops when the engine is stopped. Its like the impeller/water pump is working, but the water return is broken.

    Today, trying to bring her back to life, both batteries were dead, replaced them, hooked up the muffs, and she turned over on the third try. She turns over easy now every time. I'm impressed about that, but, water is flowing into the bilge, see video:

    If I'm standing by the steering wheel looking back at the engine, its on the left side, down low, towards me:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If I put the plug in, it fills up to the bilge pump line in about 1 minute and the bilge pump kicks in and starts bailing the water out, but not fast enough to keep up. If I put her in the lake, she'd probably sink if I kept the engine running for 10 minutes.

    Should I just start taking her apart until I can see into the area the water is coming out? I hope its something easy like a water return hose came loose or broke or a seal/gasket I can actually get to and replace. The hard part is getting in there to see what's broken. Where do I start?

    Moved from Phoenix (no winterizing required) to Prescott 1 year ago, I didn't winterize and probably should have? Do you think not winterizing it caused this water flowing into the bilge problem?

    Average weather Prescott, AZ - january
    Average high temperature: 52F
    Average low temperature: 23.8F
    Average temperature: 37.9F
    Average Precipitation: 1.57 inch
    Average snowfall: 2 inch

    Also looking for winterizing advice/howto so I can avoid this next year

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    Default Re: Need help diag/repair OMC 4.3L leaking tons of water into bilge

    Looks like you popped a freeze plug.

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    Default Re: Need help diag/repair OMC 4.3L leaking tons of water into bilge

    Average low temperature: 23.8F
    Ayuh,.... Water freezes at 32,......

    If yer "Lucky", only the core plugs were pushed out, 'n the block ain't froze busted, 'n cracked,...

    You'll need to pull that motor mount to reinstall the core plug,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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