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    Default 5.5 Johnson fuel mixture

    I have a 5.5 Johnson(CD-21a) and I'm looking for the oil mixture. I was told from the guy I got it from that it's 50/1 but then I've looked around and found both 50/1 and 24/1. Does how can I find out for sure what I need in it?

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    That is a 1964 model.----Now 1964 was the first " official " year that Johnson / Evinrude ran on 50:1 mix.-----But oil / lubrication on 2 strokes is not well understood so you may get a lot of different opinions.-------------That is a well engineered little motor .---They run very, very nice and with proper care will last another 50 years.-------I had one of those apart last winter.----A low hrs motor that will run like new again !

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    Yeah I put a new head gasket, exhaust gasket, thermostat, lower end seals, impeller/impeller housing and a few other odds and ends, just took it out and it ran great! Smoked a lot at first but once it warmed up it ran fantastic! Thank you for the information!

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