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    Default chrysler 360 starter removal

    hi im wondering if anyone has had this problem . I need to replace my port engine starter ( top mount ) I have removed the bolts, gave it a couple of raps with a hammer to get to move ( i can now move it freely by hand ) but for the life of me i can not get it come out of the bell housing more than a 1/8 of a inch any help would be a great help THANKS

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    Default Re: chrysler 360 starter removal

    Hanging on the ring gear? Try rotating the crank a bit while trying to remove the starter.

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    Default Re: chrysler 360 starter removal

    thanks for the input . it must have been the original starter, no flat spots on the nose ,it was hanging up on the ring gear , i dismantled the starter on the motor and put a sawsall to work ,its out NOW ,thanks again for the reply

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